Cs 246 github

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Cs 246 github

Because our group projects are large enough and the duration is long enough, if we are not careful, we could get off track. To help stay on track, you will propose a schedule for your project with milestone deliverables along the way. You get to choose what you will have done for each milestone date, but you will be held accountable for your commitments, so make sure you put thought into it. That being said, your milestones do need to show good progress toward the end goal they cannot simply be a list of easy steps with the large project at the end.

Please recognize that these deadlines and deliverables are for your benefit and give you the best chance to be successful. Hopefully our design will be thorough enough that our milestones will not need to change, but if down the road, something unforeseen causes you to need to change your milestone deliverables, we will have a process in place for this. To change deliverables, you will need to submit a Milestone Change Request form to the instructor.

This form will list the previous deliverables, the requested new deliverables, and the reason for the change. The instructor will then evaluate request and allow or deny it.

Please note that reasons for the change should be unforeseen circumstances or challenges, NOT "we haven't been able to devote as much time as we hoped.

CS 246 Final Project - Group 08

Similarly, if circumstances require a change to the overall features of the project, you must submit a feature change request to both the instructor and sponsor for their approval.

These should be rare, but there may be times when it is simply not possible to implement a feature as promised e. As a team, create a document that lists these Lessons 09 and 11 - each containing a bulleted list of deliverables. For example, "make good progress on the GUI" is not a good deliverable, whereas "All GUI controls are displayed in their correct locations, but their functionality is not complete yet" is specific enough report on.

Software Design and Development :: CS The course will discuss data mining and machine learning algorithms for analyzing very large amounts of data. The emphasis will be on MapReduce and Spark as tools for creating parallel algorithms that can process very large amounts of data.

The recitation sessions in the first weeks of the class will give an overview of the expected background.

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The following text is useful, but not required. It can be downloaded for free, or purchased from Cambridge University Press. Lecture slides will be posted here shortly before each lecture.

If you wish to view slides further in advance, refer to last year's slideswhich are mostly similar. This schedule is subject to change. All deadlines are at pm PST. Lecture Videos: are available on Canvas for all the enrolled Stanford students. Public resources : The lecture slides and assignments will be posted online as the course progresses. We are happy for anyone to use these resources, but we cannot grade the work of any students who are not officially enrolled in the class.

Contact : Students should ask all course-related questions on Campuswirewhere you will also find all the announcements. For external enquiries, personal matters, or in emergencies, you can email us at cswinstaff lists. Academic accommodations : If you need an academic accommodation based on a disability, you should initiate the request with the Office of Accessible Education OAE. The OAE will evaluate the request, recommend accommodations, and prepare a letter for faculty.

Students should contact the OAE as soon as possible since timely notice is needed to coordinate accommodations.

Teaching Assistants. Content What is this course about? Schedule Lecture slides will be posted here shortly before each lecture. WWW KDD Version control systems VCS allow developers to maintain a record of how their code has changed over time. When used properly, a VCS can help a developer track down the exact point in time when a bug was introduced or fixed, easily undo changes, and collaborate with other developers. There are many types of version control systems.

Some of the more popular ones include CVS, subversion, mercurial, and git. In recent years, git has quickly become the most popular of the group. Git stores files in a type of database called a repository. Most software teams that work with git keep a central repository on a server somewhere that everyone on the team can access.

This repository not only stores the files, but also the history of every change made to each file, including who made the changes and when those changes were made. Git works with groups of changes called commits. A single commit might have many changes associated with it. Those changes might include updates to existing files, the addition of new files, or the removal of files.

Imagine a developer named Sally who has started a new job for US Robotics. She's told that her first assignment is to fix a bug in the positronic brain code that is causing all of the robots to walk around in circles. She takes the following steps:. First, Sally will clone the central repository. This creates a copy of the repository on her computer. Next, Sally finds the bug in the PositronicBrain. She quickly fixes the bug and saves her changes. Sally's next step is to add the PositronicBrain.

When Sally is done adding files, she will commit those changes, adding a brief message to describe her changes. Now that her own changes are finished, before she can share them, she must pull any changes her teammates have made from the central repository into her local copy.

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After making sure that there isn't a conflict between her teammates' changes and her own, she is ready to push her changes up to the central repository. Most of your interactions with a git repository will follow the same six steps that Sally followed.

cs 246 github

Note the sequence of the pull and push commands. Routine use of Git and GitHub. A beginner's guide to Git and GitHub. One of the reasons that git is so popular is because of GitHub. GitHub is a site that provides repository hosting. You can sign up for a free acount and host public repositories that anyone can have access to, or you can sign up for a paid account, which allows you to have private repositories that only you and your team have access to.

By using github as the central repository, teams can collaborate all over the world, keeping their code in sync easily.Before continuing, you should have completed this week's preparation assignment.

Open the command line and navigate to a directory where you'd like to work.

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Use the git clone command to create a local copy of the repository you created on GitHub during the preparation assignment. You can find the URL used to clone your repository on github.

For example, if your GitHub name is l33tcoderand your repository name is pacmanthe command to clone your repository would be:. Using your favorite text editor, create a text file called sample. Next, change directories to your git repository directory and use the git status command to view the current status of your repository.

The sample. This means it hasn't been added to the git repository yet. If you rerun the git status command, you'll see that sample. To commit your changes, execute the git commit command, providing a message describing your changes:. Now, to push your changes up to the copy of the repository on GitHub, execute the git push command.

You now know how to add, commit, and push changes from your local repository to the central repository on GitHub. Often when using version control systems like GitHub, you're working with a team of other developers who will be making changes to the code as well. As they push their changes to the central repository, you need to pull those changes to your local copy, so that you can stay in sync with what everyone else is doing.

We're going to use GitHub's direct editor to simulate that process now. Normally, we don't edit files directly in GitHub, but we'll do that here in order to simulate another developer pushing a commit to the central repository.

Open up your repository page on GitHub and click on the sample.

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Click on the pencil icon on the right side of the screen, which will allow you to edit the file directly in GitHub. Change the text in the file, then at the bottom of the screen enter a commit message in the first field of the Commit Changes box.

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Then, Click the Commit Changes button at the bottom of the screen. If you click on the commit history icon again, you should now see your commit from part one, along with the commit you just made. We're pretending that this new commit came from another developer, who made changes in their local repository, then pushed those changes to the central repository on GitHub. Now you need to use the git pull command to pull the changes from the central repository to your local copy:.

View the contents of the sample.CS is a graduate course in computer networks. In this class we'll explore the principles and design decisions which underly the Internet.


We'll explore the pros and cons of the current design, and give some thought to how we can make the Internet better in future. To become familiar with the state of the art in networking research: network architecture, protocols and systems. To gain some practice in reading research papers and critically understanding the research of others. Office Hours: links to office hour Zooms are on Canvas. Communication: We use Piazza for discussion.

Assignments: All course assignments should be submitted via Canvas. Prerequisites: This course assumes a basic understanding of topics in networking, such as packet-switching, routing, socket programming, and congestion control. It is also helpful to know how to program in Python. We suggest taking CSEEor equivalent. Kurose and K.

Peterson and B. Speaker: Sachin and Nick [ Slides ]. Speaker: Sachin [ Slides ]. Leiner, V. Cerf, D. Clark, R. Kahn, L.

Software Design and Development :: CS 246

Kleinrock, D. Lynch, J. Postel, L. Roberts, S. McKeown, T. Anderson, H. Balakrishnan, G.

cs 246 github

Parulkar, L. Peterson, J. Rexford, S. Shenker, J. Papers and discussions: We will read papers for each class i. You will likely need to spend a few hours reading each paper and making notes, to prepare you to discuss them in class. Do not take this course unless you are willing and able to do a lot of reading. Reproducing research: You will do two projects which aim to reproduce a networking result: a guided assignment and an open-ended project.

We've found that reproducing research results is a good way to get started doing networking research and contributing to the networking community. You can see example reproductions on the Reproducing Network Research blogor read more about learning networking by reproducing research in our paper. If you would like to use the class as part of a breadth requirement, please email the course staff so we can explain how it will work.

Before each class, you must submit a short critique of the required readings on Canvas under the Quizzes tab.There will be 10 Colabs in total: Colab 0 Spark tutorialand Colab 1 to 9 released weekly. Colab 0 will be solved in real-time during the first Recitation Session. There will be 4 homework assignments in total, which should be submitted on Gradescope as a PDF. In addition, you should upload all the code associated with your assignment, following the instructions in the FAQ page. Students may be awarded extra credit for actions that improve other students' CS experience.

Examples include:. Reporting bugs in course materials; Posting especially helpful notes or answers on Campuswire; Other good deeds, to be judged at the discretion of the teaching staff. The answers obtained in the Colabs must be submitted via Gradescope. Note that we cannot under any circumstances extend the Colab deadline. Once the deadline has passed students will not be able to submit their Colabs. Questions: We try very hard to make questions unambiguous, but some ambiguities may remain.

Ask i. Reasonable assumptions will be accepted in case of ambiguous questions. As per the extra credit policy, you may receive extra credit for pointing out ambiguities in course material.

Honor code: We strongly encourage students to form study groups. Students may discuss and work on homework problems in groups. However, each student must write down the code and solutions independently, and without referring to written notes from the joint session. Since we occasionally reuse problem set questions from previous years, we expect students not to copy, refer to, or look at the solutions in preparing their answers. It is an honor code violation to intentionally refer to a previous year's solutions.

This applies both to the official solutions and to solutions that you or someone else may have written up in a previous year.

Finally, we consider it an Honor Code Violation to post your homework solutions to a place where it is easy for other students to access it. This includes uploading your solutions to publicly-viewable repositories like on GitHub.The following is a listing of the courses associated with each certificates or modules in the Software Engineering and Computer Science B. Please see the Program Change Overview page for more information about the changes in general. Please note : This page is designed to share information early-on and help students in their decision-making process.

Every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate, but if there are any errors or inconsistencies, the university catalog and registration system are the official source of this information and will take precedence over this informational page.

Also, be aware that projected first offering dates are an estimate to help in general planning purposes, but are not to be taken as a firm commitment of course offerings.

These courses help students develop practical skills in a wide variety of computing areas. They also help students decide which specific area of computing is the best fit for them.

cs 246 github

Many students who start with one computing-related degree may find that another is a better fit and change their major. This module helps students discover their path early on, so they can switch their major with minimal impact on their graduation timeline. This sequence of courses prepares students for a job as an intern or an entry-level programmer. The courses begin with the fundamental building blocks of programing and culminate with students working in small teams to complete projects of their choice that can have real-world impact.

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This certificate helps prepare students for a career in developing software that relates to the Web. This includes courses in frontend and backend development, and in database design. Successful students will have experience in many languages and technologies, and understand the principles that underlie modern Web development.

This certificate helps prepare students for a career in software development with special focus in the design, architecture, testing, and evaluation of software components.

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It is a sequence of courses that begins by focusing on small components, progresses through larger data structures and design patterns, and culminates with large-scale system design.

Successful students will have a sound understanding of the principles and practices of software design and architecture. This certificate helps prepare students for a career in quality assurance by providing a solid foundation in both the principles of quality assurance and testing as well as important technical skills in areas such as security and concurrency.

cs 246 github

Successful students will be prepared for careers as quality assurance engineers or as software engineers that have a special eye toward quality and improvement. This certificate helps students dive deeply in the processes surrounding the creation of software, including requirements elicitation, systems design, as well as software life-cycle models and project management.

Successful students often begin employment with a position as a software developer and are well-positioned for a software management track. This certificate helps students write the software behind physical systems. Successful students will have great experience with hardware and be well-prepared to develop software for IoT the Internet of Things. All computer science majors complete this module to deepen their understanding of the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of the field, so they know not only the how but the why of computing.

In this certificate, students develop skills in machine learning and the mathematical foundations that support it, and how to apply these skills to uncover meaningful patterns in data. In addition to being prepared for various careers related to programming, successful students will also be prepared for future learning and growth in machine learning. This module helps students deepen their understanding of the functional programming paradigm that is essential to modern concurrent and distributed systems.

Successful students will be prepared for careers in high use and availability cloud and backend systems. In addition, the following courses are available as either General Electives or to fill the "Choose 12 credits" Software Engineering electives:.


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